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So where’s the passion now, huh?

23. Mai 2011


LANE: There was a death-to-disco movement in the late ’70s — very intense. We had Donna Summer on the run.

RORY: „We?“ You weren’t born yet.

LANE: I’m a kindred spirit.

RORY: Gotcha.

LANE: So where’s the passion now, huh? Where is it?

RORY: There’s disco to kill anymore. They wiped it out.

LANE: But there are other things that need wiping out — phony rappers, most techno, alt country, Christian rock, anything fusion, classic alternative radio, where all they do is play the same Nirvana song over and over — the Rubens, the Clays, the Clarksons.

RORY: It’s gonna be a bloodbath.


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